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EP 20 -Money Principles from Dave Ramsey

Episode #20 Money Principles from Dave Ramsey
Money matters to all of us; in order to be successful in your business and life, you need to understand the principles of money and how to effectively leverage them to reach your goals. Karen and Jennifer have followed Dave Ramsey's principles for many years and they dive deeper into the "WHY" behind each of Dave's Baby Steps. This episode is full of practical tips and encouragement for advancing your money goals to grow your wealth and fund your dreams! 

EP 19 - Being Present

How many times have you wished that you could just slow down? Or wish you could calm your brain down and stop multi-tasking all the time? How much of your life are you actually missing by not being "present" in the moment you are in?  Thankfully we can learn to be more present in all areas of our life and experience all the powerful benefits this brings into our relationships and businesses. Join Jennifer Dusza and Karen Smith for this week's impactful conversation and learn to develop a greater appreciation and skills for the practice of being "present". 

EP 18 - Employee vs. Owner - Entrepreneur Mindset

Are you or are you considering becoming an entrepreneur or business owner? Maybe you are finally ready to leave corporate America or this past year forced you to find a new occupation because your old work place had to shut down.  One of the key pieces of successfully working for yourself is to clearly understand the significant differences between an "employee" vs an "owner" mindset.  Jennifer Dusza and Karen Smith dive into this comparison to help you grow your awareness, begin to make the changes you need too, and watch your business transform as you engage in the owner mindset. Are you ready to be an "owner"? Then let's get in that mindset today!

EP 17 - Multiple Sources of Income (MSI’s)

Have you ever wondered how truly financially wealthy people earn money, no matter what part of the world or culture they reside in? In this eye opening, power packed episode, Jennifer Dusza and Karen Smith share a huge piece of building financial wealth by explaining what MSI's are, why you need them, and 5 steps you can take to begin engaging in your own MSI's. Whether you are a business or an individual, you will find value in today's episode! See you there!

EP 16 - Daily Habits of Wealthy People

Our success lies in our consistent daily habits. Did you know that there are actual daily wealth habits you can start implementing into your life? Who doesn't want more wealth and abundance?  You may already be doing some of these habits and others may be a revelation for you. Jennifer Dusza and Karen Smith give you the inside scoop on these powerful choices you can make each day to help build a foundation of wealth in your own life. Come join us today and get ready to take some notes!

EP 15 - Finding a Good Coach Can Fuel Your Growth

In episode #11, Jennifer and Karen highlighted the differences between managing, training and coaching and the value that these areas can bring to your life, relationships, and businesses. After many listener requests, today they bring you helpful and actionable tips for implementing coaching into your life by exploring what to look for in a coach, how to make the most of your coaching sessions, and how to use coaching to grow and advance your goals. 

EP 14- Poverty or Prosperity Mindset

We hear a lot about mindset these days in growing your business, creating the life you really want, and realizing your dreams. But what exactly is a poverty versus a prosperity mindset? And, how does it affect all areas of wealth, including our health, relationships, finances, dreams, and more? Tune in to listen as Jennifer Dusza and Karen Smith help you learn how to identify the areas where you have a poverty consciousness and how you can switch into a prosperity mindset. Are you ready to advance and dwell in possibility? See you there!

EP 13 - Resiliency

Do you feel like 2020 kicked your backside and that perhaps 2021 feels a bit the same? Are you ready for a comeback in a new, fresh way? This week's episode focuses on Resiliency, which is the ability to consistently rise after challenges to be better than you were before. Jennifer Dusza and Karen Smith give you practical tools for building your own resiliency, so make sure you have your notebook ready! Are you ready to build your own resilience and make 2021 even better? Let's go!

EP 12 - The Law of Compensation

Did you know that there are a set of natural laws that dictates how money works in this world? Did you know that these laws always work, regardless of political party or how the economy is doing? Get ready to take notes and learn something new on today's podcast as Jennifer Dusza and Karen Smith teach you about the Law of Compensation and how you can make it work in your own life. 

EP 11 - Managing, Training and Coaching, Oh My!

Have you ever wondered about the difference between managing, training and coaching? Do you know which role to use in which situation? Whether you are a parent, a business owner or a leader, it's valuable to leverage these vitally important skills in the right places in the right ways. Join coaches Jennifer Dusza and Karen Smith for a practical look at these two necessary competencies in this week's episode! 
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